February 26, 2017

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Posted by Kyle on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 11:56am.

If a sample of Co2(CO)8 is found to contain 6*10^-2 mol of C atoms, how many grams of Co atoms are present?

Molar Mass (g/mol)

Co2(CO)8 - 341.95
Co atom - 58.933
C atom - 12.011
O atom - 15.999

Avaogadro's No.: 6.022*10^23

Do I need to use the 6*10^-2 mol of C atoms to find how many grams are in this sample of Co2(CO)8? Then from there find how many grams of Co atoms?

By the way, for clarification, what does it mean by "how many grams of X atoms?"

The answer is supposed to be: 0.89872825g

But I'd like an explanation on how to do this problem, thank you.

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