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A simple pendulum is made from a bob of mass 0.04 kg suspended on alight string of length 1.4m. Keeping the string taut, the pendulum is pulled to one side until it has gained a height of 0.1m. calculate:
a. The total energy of the oscillation
(b) the amplitude of the resulting oscillation
(c) the period of the resulting oscillation
(d) the maximum velocity of the bob
(e) the maximum kinetic energy of the bob

  • physics -

    (a) M g H, where H = 0.1 m, M = mass and g = acceleration of gravity
    (b) If amplitude (A) is the maximum horizontal displacement, then
    A = sqrt[1.4^2 - 1.3^2] = 0.52 m
    (c) (2 pi)*sqrt(L/g)
    where L = 1.4 m
    (d) A*sqrt(g/L)
    (e) M g H (same as maximum energy)

  • physics/Mwenge secondary -

    The time taken by a simple pendulum bob to perform 1000 vibrations is 8 minutes 9 seconds in mumbai and 8 minutes 20 seconds in pune.Calulate the ratio of acceleratio due to gravity in mumbai and pune.

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