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Howard made cards for the fractions 3/9,4/8, 1/7, 6/5,and 3/10. He set them out in a row, putting 1/7 first.The fraction equivalent to 1/2 went after the one equivalent to a mixed number. A fraction that is half of 3/5 went between the fraction equivalent to a mixed number and the one equivalent to 1/3. Fing the order of the cards.

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    so your saying that 1/7 went first, then half of 1/7 went next? i'm confused, could you put it another way?

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    1/7 went first
    cards: 1/7 ? ? ? ?

    the only mixed number is 6/5, so we will have 6/5 4/8

    half of 3/5 is 3/10. It goes between 6/5 and 3/9. It can't go after 6/5, because 4/8 goes there. It must go before: 3/9 3/10 6/5

    So, the cards are in the order

    1/7 3/9 3/10 6/5 4/8

    You just have to piece it together, one fact at a time.

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