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A sample of chlorine gas at a pressure of 420 mm Hg and in a volume of 3.50L was heated from 18.0 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius after being transferred to a container of volume 2.35L. The pressure in this new container should be about?

The original T is 18 degrees celsius so would it be

420*3.50 / 291 K = p2 * 2.35 / 318

5.05 = p2 * 2.35 / 318.

I am just not sure how to solve for the right side of the equation to find p2.

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    The easiest way is to cross multiply.
    420*3.50*318 = p2*2.35*291, then solve for P2.

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    I got 467460 = p2(683.85) then i divided 683.85 by 467460 and got 683.57.

    Th answer choices that were given are 110 mm Hg, 680mm Hg, 260 mm Hg, 280 mm Hg, and 1560 mm Hg so the closest to my answer is 680. Does that sound correct?

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    Yes, I think 680 mm is the closest answer. By the way, you did extra work in the math part. If you enter 420 on the calculator, punch in x 3.5 and x 318, then divide b y 2.35 and divide by 291. you get the correct answer of 684 (rounded to that anyway) without going through the writing step of 467.460 and writing 683.85. All of that writing just takes extra time, you may write it wrong, AND you CAN make rounding errors that way. In this case you didn't but those possibilities are always there. In this case it just took twice or three times as long to do the calculator work.

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    Ok I understand thank you!

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    Hanna, is this my homework assignment?

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