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Homework Help: Can someone proof read my essay

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 1:31pm.

It's supposed to be a subjective essay on the artical "Literacy in a Thousand Words"

The article, “Literacy in a Thousand Words,” written by Beatriz Pont and Patrick Werquin, addresses the issue of the lack of literacy skills of the U.S. population and how it is in connection with the growth of the economy. The article also examines the lack of literacy skills in many other countries. As the article continues, it emphasizes the importance of high literacy abilities in recent years. Finally, the article focuses on how all countries should try to improve their literacy skills. Thus, I agree that high literacy skills are immensely important for the populations of all countries; as they will help every population gain a more prominent economy, and more social benefits.
There are many reasons why I believe that every country requires high literacy skills in order to help the population gain a more prominent economy. Almost every job requires at least basic literacy skills. For those who lack literacy skills, even applying for a job can be extremely challenging, if not impossible. Many individuals must also be able to actively learn new intricate technologies and techniques in order to be successful in the workplace. Finally, those with higher literacy skills are more likely to have better employment opportunities, and are less likely to become unemployed. Furthermore, in every modern society, literacy abilities are pivotal in order to do well economically.
There are many renowned social benefits that accompany literacy skills. Individuals with literacy skills are more likely to have the ability to comprehend health and self-care information, and its connection to health outcomes. This can lead to increased health knowledge, and better overall health. Secondly, literacy skills empower people and promote important changes in their lives. These skills help many people to develop self-confidence, which helps them to participate in the community, find a job, and try to improve themselves further. Lastly, those with literacy skills have a higher probability of becoming informed of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and doing such things as voting and voicing their opinions. Moreover, increased literacy skills lead to many social benefits, and are fundamental to individual empowerment.
Thus, by ameliorating the literacy skills of every population, every country will gain a more notable economy, as well as many social benefits. Literacy abilities are a necessity in order to be prosperous in the workplace and to live a more fulfilled life. Furthermore, improving one’s literacy skills can make a dramatic difference throughout the course of a lifetime

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