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physics - Energy

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A 0.280 kg block on a vertical spring with a spring constant of 4.12 × 10^
3 N/m is pushed downward, compressing the spring 0.0600 m.
When released, the block leaves the spring and travels upward vertically.
The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s^
2. How high does it rise above the point of release?
Answer in units of m

  • physics - Energy -

    Just giving the equation to solve the problem would be nice too!

  • physics - Energy -

    The potential energy of the compressed spring at release equals the potential energy gained at the maximum distance above the release point. Let that distnce be X and the initial spring compression be d = 0.06 m

    (1/2) k d^2 = m g X

    k is the spring constant, which you know is 4120 N/m.

    m = 0.28 kg

    Solve for X

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