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Can you please tell me if the following sentences are correct? Thank you.

Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1) He went to bed two hours ago. He has been sleeping for two hours.
2) They have been chatting for one hour. They started chatting one hour ago.
3) His parents moved to Paris n 2009. They have been living in Paris since 2009.
4) He arrived at the cinema two hours ago and is still there. He has been at the cinema for two hours.
5) I have never eaten oysters before. It's the first time I have eaten oysters.
6) She was disappointed with (at/about are possible??) her last exam resuts.
Can you say "We won't start dinner as long as your father arrives"

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    5) I had never eaten oysters before. This is the first time I have eaten oysters.

    6) Either "with" or "about" are fine.

    Last question: No. We won't start dinner until your father arrives.

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