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A sample of chlorine gas at a pressure of 420 mm Hg and in a volume of 3.50L was heated from 18.0 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius after being transferred to a container of volume 2.35L. The pressure in this new container should be about?

Would I use (p1)(v1) = (p2)(v2)

420 * 3.50 = 2.35* v2

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    The problem is confusing. What is the original T when P is 420 mm Hg and in the 3.50L container? If it is 18 C, then use
    (P1V1/T1) = (P2V2/T2). If it isn't 18 C, then I don't know what the problem is asking.

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    Yes the original T is 18 degrees celsius so would it be

    420*3.50 / 291 K = p2 * 2.35 / 318

    5.05 = p2 * 2.35 / 318.

    I am just not sure how to solve for the right side of the equation to find p2.

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