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English - Sentences/Clauses

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Hello, could you please help me with a few questions I have with English?

Directions: Classify this sentence as simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex.

1. She thought she saw a stranger, but he turned out to be her neighbor who was back from vacation early.

I know it's either complex or compound-complex... but I'm not exactly sure.. I think it would be just complex though?

Directions: What is the error in this sentence, if there is any?

2. While running, the sun set.

It's either: incorrect punctuation or dangling modifier.. and I think it's dangling modifier (because it doesn't state who's running, correct?)

Directions: In the following sentence identify the main clause. Find the subordinate clause and tell if it is used as noun, adjective, or adverb.

3. Most of the teachers are Americans, though a few come from England and France.

Main clause: Most of the teachers are Americans
Subordinate clause type: noun

Directions: Identify the use of the italicized noun clause.

4. I found [what I was looking for in my purse.]

Answer: Direct object

Directions: Identify the word(s) that the italicized adverb clause modifies.

The bus will pick up the children when school is out.

modified word: pick?
(Before I had put "pick up" as my answer, but it was incorrect.. so I'm thinking they are just looking for one word?)

If you could look over my work, it would be much appreciated! Thanks loves! :)

  • English - Sentences/Clauses -

    1. It's not complex because a complex sentence has an independent clause and a subordinate clause.

    2. Right.

    3. Your clause identification is right, but you haven't classified the subordinate clause correctly.

    4. Right.

    5. Right.

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