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Posted by Rebecca on Friday, January 13, 2012 at 10:26pm.

How could I summarize this article into approximately 10 sentences?

Case Study: Mass Wedding in Iraq
In Baghdad, Nada Omran and Kathi Jabran chose to share one of the most important days in their lives with dozens of strangers. It was the only way the two government workers could afford to get married. With United Nations trade sanctions pinching every facet of life in Iraq, the government sponsors mass weddings as a way to put marriage in reach of Iraqis who might otherwise have to save for years to pay for white gowns, cakes, and reception bands. “’We have been waiting for this dream to come true for two years,’ said Omran, 26, holding Jabran’s arm as the two stood in the Baghdad park after their recent mass wedding. ‘W e do not want to think of what will happen after the honeymoon…we will manage one way or another,’ said Jabran, 29. “Although an international coalition forced Iraq to retreat from Kuwait, the strict sanctions are being kept in place until UN inspectors certify that Iraq is free of weapons of mass destruction. Lack of trade is slowly strangling the economy. A decade ago, one Iraqi dinar bought more than $3 US. Today, it takes 2000 dinars to buy $1. “Civil servants on fixed salaries have been especially hard-hit by inflation, slipping form middle class into poverty. It is not unusual to find university professors moonlighting as taxi drivers or doctors dealing in secondhand furniture. Families have lost their homes. Children are sent out to beg on street corners or take jobs sweeping up shops or washing dishes in restaurants.
“Many young Iraqi men-up to 2 million, by some estimates- have migrated abroad to seek work. The young women left behind sometimes have trouble finding someone to marry. The ones who do run into other difficulties. Furniture prices and apartment rents are so high it is almost impossible for a new couple to set up their own household. Some families take up collections among relatives to cover wedding expenses. “Fearing social problems could result from deferred marriages; the government of President Saddam Hussein began mass weddings in 1996, and has sponsored 454 since. Sponsors lend wedding gowns and suits and the government pays for cakes and hotel bills for a three-day honeymoon. Famous singers performed for free during the reception for Omran and Jabran’s wedding.”

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