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could you see if my answers are correct?? if not could you please help me get them right? thanks very much

A train leaves a station at noon. train is 180 miles from its destination at 12:45 pm and 90 miles from its destination at 2:15.
how far is station from destination?225 miles

S = D/T = 90miles/90 min = 1 mile per min or 60 mph
note: got 3 3/4 hrs( noon to 3:45 pm)
D = TS = 3 3/4 hrs(60mph) = 225 miles from station to destination

at what time will the train reach the destination? 3:45 pm
t=d/s = 90 miles/60mph = 1 1/2 hrs
2:15 pm + 1:30 = 3:45 pm

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    Both answers are correct!

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    You live 2 3/ 4 miles from school. In the morning, you walk 1/ 3 mile directly toward school to the bus stop. Later, when you get off the bus, you walk home from there. How many miles do you ride to and from school each day?

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