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One side of a triangle is x inches longer than another side. The ray bisecting the angle formed by these sides divides the opposite side into 3- inch and 5-inch segments. Find the perimeter of the triangle in terms of x.

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    Then S/(S-x)= 5/3
    and 3X=5S-5X
    or 5x=3S or x=3s/5 or S=5x/3

    Perimeter: (3+5)+ S+(S-x)=
    8+2*5x/3 -x=
    8+x(10/3-1) and you can surely simplify that.

    check my thinking

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    Thought this question looked familiar, so I went back to find it and found your objection to my solution
    Of course you were right to spot my error, it should have said
    1.5x + 1.5x + x + 8
    = 4x+8

    Also just noticed a typo in bobpursley's solution
    2nd line should have been
    3S = 5S - 5X , then
    5x = 2s
    s = 5x/2 or 2.5x
    perimeter = 8 + s + s-x
    = 8 + 5x-x = 4x+8

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