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Lasers are used to try to produce controlled fusion reactions. These lasers require brief pulses of energy that are stored in large rooms filled with capacitors. One such room has a capacitance of 64 10-3 F charged to a potential difference of 7 kV.
(a) Given that W = 1/2CΔV2.

J, find the energy stored in the capacitors.

(b) The capacitors are discharged in 10 ns (1.0 10-8 s). What power is produced?

(c) If the capacitors are charged by a generator with a power capacity of 1.5 kW, how many seconds will be required to charge the capacitors?

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    (a) Your formuls should have been written
    W = (1/2) C (ΔV)^2

    All you have to do is use it. With ΔV = 7000 V and C = 64*10^-3 F, the answer will be in Joules.

    (b) Power = Work/time

    (c) (Generator power)* Time = Work
    (Get the Work from part (a)

    Solve for the time

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