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A kickoff sends a football with an initial velocity of 25 m/s at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal.

a) find the x and y components of the velocity
b) find the time the ball is in the air
c) find the horizontal distance the ball travels before hitting the ground
d) find the maximum height of the ball

please help, I cannot seem to figure out this problem! thank you!

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    Vx = 25 cos 50
    Vyi = 25 sin 50 (the little i means initial)

    Time in the air is determined entirely by the vertical problem.
    It starts up with initial velocity Vyi = 25 sin 50
    It slows down and stops at the top due to gravity
    v = Vyi - g t = 0 at top
    t at top = Vyi/g
    time in air, multiply that by two. It takes as much time to fall as to rise.

    Now athe horizontal problem
    There is not horizontal force so no horizontal acceleration.
    Thus the speed is constant and equal to Vx = 25 cos 50
    for the time in air
    C) answer is Vx * t in air

    d) how high did it go in that original t seconds? (half the time in the air)
    h = Vyi t - (1/2)g t^2

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    thank you so much!!!!!

  • Physics HELP PLEASE! - ,


  • Physics HELP PLEASE! - ,

    help me and vicky damon pls come and save us

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