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Please help! it has to do with momentum
A 70 k/g woman and her 35 k/g son are standing at rest on an ice rink. They push against each other for .60 s, causing them to glide apart. The speed of the woman immediately after they separate is .55 m/s

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    Mass units should be written as kg, not k/g.
    You have not asked a question. You have only stated known physical conditions.

    After pushoff, in order to maintain zero total momentum, the son's velocity must be twice that of the mother, 1.10 m/s

    The momentum given to each skater, individually, is
    70 * 0.55 = 38.5 kg*m/s

    Divide that by 0.60 s if you want the force that they exert in each other during pushoff.

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