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Homework Help: English 7 - Journal Entry Assignment Check

Posted by Laruen on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 5:25pm.

Is my journal entry for english is good? It's due tommrrow by the way.

My name is (can't tell you). I¡¦m currently in the 7th grade and go to one of the best middle schools (name of my school). My favorite animals are: cats, puppies, kitties, rabbits, bunnies, horses, ponies, dogs (sometimes) and hamsters. I pretty much love small animals because there are really cute. One time my mom¡¦s friend asks my mom to babysit her dog for a few hours. Her name is Bushu (sorry I miss It, if you see me pronouncing it then you¡¦ll understand it, I don¡¦t know how to spell it), she was really cute. She runs a lot (no joke she really does), me and/or my brother hold on her leash. The 3 of us run together (I hold on her leash), it was really fun.
My favorite color is rainbow (I think it¡¦s silly but it for short for the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and/or violet, sometimes pink too), I love colorful things. Sometimes whenever I create an art work I always use one of those colors (especially when it comes to assignments for school).
My favorite books (series) are Dork Diaries plus the author of the book, Rachel Renee Russell is my favorite author. I love her books a lot it¡¦s sooo interesting. In the 5th grade my mom got me the first book, for a moment I thought she brought me a diary but it was a story. When I started reading it I was sooo glued to it, none stopping reading. So far I read the entire series and waiting for the 4th book to come which is in June (every year in June her book comes out). I¡¦m planning on writing her a fan letter explaining how much I love her books and why she is my favorite author. Plus with my fan letter I¡¦m going to share her story that I¡¦m working on right now. So I pretty much love to read A LOT. But Dork Diaries are my favorite books (the NUMBER 1 BEST BOOK I EVER READ). I also love some drama books too like: Drama High series (I read 2 books of the series so far), My Boyfriend is Better Than Yours and more.
My favorite TV shows are: Degrassi (BEST SHOW EVER, THE NUMBER 1 BEST SHOW I EVER WATCH!!!ƒº) and House of Anubis (BEST MYSTERTY SHOW EVER, PLUS IT HAVE A LITTLE ROMANCE IN IT TOO!ƒº) . The reason why I love Degrassi is because it has drama in it. The story lines are sooo interesting. I love to read drama books and watching drama. As I was watching the show I learn some news things: Do NOT have sex, don¡¦t run away from home, don¡¦t do drugs, don¡¦t fight in school, don¡¦t date too much, and much more. As I was watching the story lines I learn some new things: eating disorder (and other disorders), transgender, and more. So now I realize some things NOT to do. Some story lines was interesting, some were sad and BAD. It was crazy drama in the show, which I love about! Me and my mom both watch the show, we talk about it and discuss what happens, and predict what¡¦s going to happen next. My brother watches it with me sometimes. Plus like while I watch the episodes my mom tell me some things not to do when I get into high school. This TV show takes place at a high school (the name of it is called Degrassi), in the earlier season it was at a middle school but a few season later it now at a high school. There are 11 seasons, right now there is an 11th season and it¡¦s continuing the season. The show comes back in next month since it since there is going to be a second haft of the season, It¡¦s a lot to explain. I have been watching Degrassi since the 5th grade (I didn¡¦t watch it below because I was too young to watch it). Anyways for House of Anubis it really interesting, there are some mysteries and ¡§secrets¡¨. I watch all of the episodes. I watch the first season and now this year they are showing the second season. So far I watch a few episodes and there is a new character. One character was back since she was kidnap last year (her name is Joy). Plus there are some romances in it which is really adorable.
When I grow up I want to become an artist and a writer. Those are my majors. I¡¦m a really good drawer and a writer which does explain why I get very high averages for English and Fine Art. Anyways the colleges that I want to go are: RCC, Yale University School of Arts, and School of Arts Illinois State University. My biggest goal is to get into Yale since it¡¦s one of the top Ivy League schools. You know I have MANY ways to get accepted to that school. Anyways so far in the 7th grade I¡¦m doing pretty well in all of my classes. I made it to the Honor Roll for the first quarter and this quarter I¡¦m trying to be in the Principal List and get my average at least a 99 or up. My favorite subjects are: English, Fine Art, and Science.
The types of music I like are: rock, some 70¡¦s, 80¡¦s and 90¡¦s music, hip hop, rap (sometimes), Haitian, and Mexican (sometimes). Everyday my mom put music one loud and me, her, my brother, and sister start dancing, singing, and laughing (my dad doesn¡¦t like loud music that much). The other day I was listening some Grease: The Musical songs and this one was my favorite one: We Go Together. I LOVE that song soo much its stick in my head many times. This other song I love is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. That song I put it on 24/7. I also love kidzbop music too; the one I really love is Dynamite.
There are a lot of things (A LOT) about me. I wish I could explain it to you but it¡¦s a lot. I hope you love getting to know me better by reading this wonderful journal entry! ƒº

So do you guys love it????
Are there any grammar mistakes????
Is it good?????
Please rate 1-20

Thank You!! :)

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