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Homework Help: Chemistry(Please check)

Posted by Hannah on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 10:20pm.

1) choose the correct statement about the postulates of kinetic theory of gases.

a) a sample of a gas consists of a small number of large particles close together.
b) the movement of gas molecules is predictable, not random.
c) when gas molecules collide, they permanently deform and lose energy.
d) gas molecules move very slowly.
e) forces between gas molecules(attractive or repulsive) are negligible.

I chose E as the correct answer.

2) Which of the following statements about gas particles is true?

a) as the kinetic energy of a particle is halved, its velocity is also halved.
b)as the velocity of a particle is doubled, the kinetic energy decreases by a factor of four.
c) all particles having the same kinetic energy have the same mass
d) all particles at the same temperature have the same kinetic energy

I chose D as the correct answer

Are my answers correct? Thank you!

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