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Posted by Jayson on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 9:07pm.

An airplane has a speed of 400 km/h with no wind. The airplane flies 2140 km with the wind. The airplane can only fly 1860 km against the wind in the same time. If w equals the speed of the wind, which equation would be used to find w?

a) 2140/(w+400) = 1860/(w-400)
b. 2140/(400+w) - 1860/(w-400)=2140-1860/w

c) 2140/(400+w) = 1860/(400-w)
d) 2140/(400+w) - 1860/(400-w) = 650

2. What is the average rate of change of f(x)= (x-5)/(x+3) from x=-2 to x =4?

a) 24/7
b) 8/7
C) -25/21
D) -11/3

Can someone explain to me what to do with the denominators? that's the only thing I am confused about. I know that you plug in -2 for x, f(x)= (x-5)/(x+3)


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