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Homework Help: Physics

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 10:51am.

Problems 79 are related to the following scenario:
We have a collection of 5 different mass/spring combinations that all have different
properties. All of them have some damping and all have the same mass. The properties are
summarized in the table below:
Name Natural Frequency
Time for oscillation
to stop
A 2.0 100 sec.
B 5.0 300 sec.
C 20.0 100 sec.
D 10 sec. Does not oscillate.
E 50 sec. Does not oscillate. The
mass and spring are the
same as in D.
7. If all the oscillators were driven by a device with a frequency of 4.6 Hz, which of the
oscillators would respond most strongly?
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D
e. E

8. If one of the oscillators is critically damped, which one is it?
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D
e. E

9. Which of the oscillators has the weakest damping coefficient?
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D
e. E

Please help for 7. I found all the spring constants but do not know how to find the damping coeffiecent with the information give. I know 8,9 are opposites but need help.


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