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Posted by Henry2 on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 9:26am.

This is the second part of my letter. I know it is still very confusing but I don't have a clear idea about the project yet. Thank you very much for helping me!

1) As a matter of fact, our school had, within the scientific branch, a sort of course of excellence for science until last year.
2) This course, which included three hours of science a week instead of the current two, has been cancelled to comply with the new school reform.
3) These teachers believe that the involvement in this project could motivate the reintroduction of such a course into next year's school offer plan (I don't know how to translate the plan including the activies offered by the school during the school year).
4) They also believe that these students should receive extra afternoon tuition in English to cope with the scientific terminology. During the two (or more?) annual meetings they will summarise (?? the results achieved to their French and German partners.
5) In my opinion, a 10-hour crush course should be organized in September which will be ? by another ten-hour course in which students will be supported mainly in translation activities.
6) Do you think they could refer to the interent site "kahn" you once suggested to me to train their knowledge of science in English. (This is a real question. Keep in mind that their level of English is "intermediate", that is they have an intermediate knowledge of the English grammar).
7) I urgently need to know what do you think about this idea before tomorrow so that I can express your point of view to them.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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