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Posted by Danijel on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 5:15am.

Everybody in my class got their paper work they have to do by the end of the week.I got mine too,so i would like you to help me with this :D?
I got a paper with instructions:
There are 8 students,each with different IQ.Those students recieved 10 medical books,(medical because the are extremely hard to learn) and they have 4 months to study out of these books,cause when the 4 months pass theyll have an exam worth 100 points.
My quest is to explain for each student how hard will it be for him to learn all this medical stuff.How will it be for a low iq person compared to high.So here are books and students...

Students are:
1.Student 1 - 60 IQ
2.Student 2 - 80 IQ
3.Student 3 - 100 IQ
4.Student 4 - 120 IQ
5.Student 5 - 150 IQ
6.Student 6 - 180 IQ
7.Student 7 - 210 IQ
8.Student 8 - 250 IQ(impossible but it was on the paper)

Books are:
1.Anatomy - 900 pages
2.Biochemistry - 700 pages
3.Biostatistics - 1000 pages
4.Histology - 500 pages
5.Neuroscience - 1200 pages
6.Toxicology - 850 pages
7.Molecular Biology - 950 pages
8.Immunology - 450 pages
9.Epidemiology - 780 pages
10.Genetics - 1000 pages

Here you dont have to pay attention at the headline just the pages.How will they be able to learn that in 4 month if they have no formal knowledge about any of this and they really have to take the exam.
How much does the human intelligence affect us?? Please help me and explain each student detailed please this is my final grade!

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