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Posted by sarah on Monday, January 9, 2012 at 10:45pm.

How did the romans view greek culture, such as art, liturture, and philosophy, during the Greco-Roman period of civalization?
A. The romans believed it was substandard
B. The romans believed it will anger the gods and lead to mass distruction of there way of life
C. The romans believed lacked a sense of community pride
D. The romans believed it represented the height of cultural achievements
I got D.

Which statement applies to BOTH the Maurys and the Gupta empires?
A. Both empires untied diverse peoples within there empires
B. Both empires faught bitterly againist buddhism
C. Both empires had a loose government structure that gave power to individual villages
D, Both empires devolped a type of decimal system
I got A.

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