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1)In "The Love Song of J. Alfred Profrock," what mood is created by a setting in which the central character is concerned with the direction of his life?
a)cheerful and exhilarating
b)introspective and indecisive*
c)honey and reassuring
d)impersonal and chilling
2)Which of the following details most clearly supports the main idea of "Forbidden Fruit?"
a)"I wanted my smile to show that I had nothing to do with his triumph but that I appreciated his trust."
b)"They had often eaten pork before and asked me to have some, but I invariably and firmly refused, which always moved Uncle Shura to mirth for some reason or other."
c)"That was the last straw. Everything might have been different if it hadn"t been for those two blotters."*
d)"Later he realized his childhood dream, but it turned out that he had to exceed speed limits to overtake his temperament and finally had to change his trade."
3)"The Nobel Prixe" is an example of what kind of poetry?
4)What might have been Ferre's main purpose in writing "The Youngest Doll"?
a) to show that girls are treated with respect
b) to support the idea of marriage between the rich and the poor
c) to show the value of making dolls
d) to point out lack of respect*
5) Which element would NOT be considered part of an author's style?

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