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Posted by Brandon on Monday, January 9, 2012 at 9:15pm.

1)Read the passage below from "No Dogs Bark" and select the one that best represents imagery in the story.
a)"Now and then he seemed to sleep."
b)"The old man backed ou to a thick wall and shifted load but didn't let it down fron his shoulders."
c)"The long black shadow of the men kept moving up and down, climbing over rocks, diminishing and increasing as it advanced along the edge of the arroyo."
d):Your ears are uncovered, so try to see if you can't hear dogs barking."*
2)What mood is created by "No Dogs Bark"?
3)Which sentence best describes a paradox in "The Censors"?
a)Juan tries to save Mariana, but can't.
b)Censorship ruins people's lives.
c)Some letters contain dangerous ideas: others do not.*
d)Juan becomes the very thing he fears.
4)"The Censors" and "Rhinceros" both explore themes related to?
a)oppression and survival*
b)greed and power
c)honesty and deception
d)knowledge and ignorance
5)Why is "The Divine Comedy" an allegory?
a)Everyone dies in the end.
b)The theme is ambiguous.
c)All of the characters and settings are symbolic.*
d)The poems teaches a lesson about good and evil.

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