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physics waves transverse longitudinal

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i real stuck on this and i really want explanations please.

in which sprind do transverse waves travel faster, small diameter spring or slinky?

i think this be the transverse waves but i not know how to explain why.

in which spring do longitudinal waves travel faster?

i think that be the small spring because it smaller?

do amplitude of waves affect their speed through spring?

i think it not change speed but i not know why not.

do spring tension affect wave speed?

i think it does affect wave but i not know explanation for why it does can someone tell to me why?

when wave travel through medium(spring), do medium travel or just disturbance in medium?

i not know about this one

when wave reflect from fixed end of medium, does crest reflect as crest or it reflected as trough?(inverted)

it be negative but can i please get explanation for this?

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