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I urgently need you to check if the following exercise are appropriate. Thank you.

1. Complete with the correct form of must or have to.
I... go on a school trip but I wanted to. 2. ....leave early tomorrow? 3. You ....go to that club. It’s great. 4.You ………… ask the Maths teacher to go out. She hates it. 5. When I was a child, I ....go to bed at 8.00. 6. Biclyclists .... remember to signal when they turn. 7. I ..... go to work tomorrow because it is Memorial Day. I can sleep until noon if I want to.
2. State your agreement or disagreement with the following statements.
1. I don’t like Spain. 2. I’ve been to Italy twice. 3. I had milk for breakfast. 4. I haven’t got any money. 5. I can speak German.
Complete the sentences with the words in the box in the appropriate form (I want to include the infinitive form. How can I express this?)
drive, fed up with, get on, make, stand.

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