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6th grade math

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My son has this homework and I am all confused... the paper says to think back to the experiment you just designed to test the Best Wheels Bike Shop's new super titanium wheel bearings. He did not do this experiment which leads me to believe this is just a statement for the kids to answer these questions.

1- what was the independent variable in your experiment? And was there more than one?

2- what was the dependent variable in your experiment?

I have no clue what to answer, I think the independent variable is the wheel bearings but not sure if that is right and the dependent variable could be weather?

  • 6th grade math -

    You haven't posted enough information about the experiment. The questions cannot be answered without that information.

  • 6th grade math -

    How many groups of 14 can you make with 9
    its a question on my math homework and i need to make it into a mixed number????

    please help me?

  • 6th grade math -

    Alicia the fraction and mixed number i 1 and 5/14

  • 6th grade math -

    And you need to do the expirement to answer these questions

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