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chemical equilibrium

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At a certain temperature, Kc = 0.914 for the reaction

NO2 (g) + NO (g) <----> N2O (g) + O2 (g)

Equal amounts of NO and NO2 are to be placed in a 5.00 L container until the N2O concentration at equilibrium is 0.050 M. How many moles of NO and NO2 must be placed in the container?

  • chemical equilibrium -

    the answer is 0.261 moles

  • chemical equilibrium -

    ..........NO2 + NO ==> N2O + O2

    Kc = 0.914 = (N2O)(O2)/(NO2)(NO)
    (N2O) = x
    (NO) = x
    (N2O) = 0.05
    (O2) = 0.05
    Solve for x which is molarity NO2 and NO.
    Then moles = M x L to solve for moles.

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