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Posted by Jahnay on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 10:23pm.

is this poem good for my poetry class?

All I Want is Us

When nothing else remains, I want to know if you’ll stand by my side. If you’ll be the light of my path when the sun shuts down. I want to know if you’ll mend my soul and patch up my bleeding heart; even if it’s beyond all repair.

When nothing else remains, the clouds cease and the world becomes barren, I want to know if you’ll mouth my name, and tell me everything’s alright.

Give me a sign. We should be able to fly. I want to know if we can touch the sky. I want to know if I can be with you, dream with you… without having to talk to you.

When nothing else remains, buildings tumble and fall, as smoke fills the air our love should conquer all.

Give me a sign that will show me if you care. All the pain and subtle ecstasy, I want to know if you’ll be able to bare.

Give me a sign and let our eyes do the talking. I wan to know if you’ll hold me strong in your arms. You can sustain our love.

When nothing else remains, I want to know if you’ll be my Romeo; holding hands hallucinating. Together we dream of a teeming world where only love survives.

Give me a sign that shows me you care. Our love is like a song. I want to know if our melody will play on and on.

When nothing else remains, it shouldn’t matter if you’re scared. That’s how close we should be. Together we’ll travel to the end of the sea … all I want is us.

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