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Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Thank you very much.

1) Quietus est is a Latin statement which was used when someone repaid all their debts. (The sentence is wrong both as to the content and as to the grammar: can you say it?)
2) Hamlet uses this statement when he wants to refer to death as physical liberation with which you can get free from all your troubles and your debts.
Correction: Hamlet uses this statement when he considers death as physical liberation from priso of the body and therefore from all our earthly sorrows.
3) During his soliloquy Hamlet explains how he considers couragious a man who can take his own life because he's not scared of an afterlife and coward who prefers to keep on living ad suffer because is too scared of dying.
4) At the end of his soliloquy Hamlet regards as corageous those who are not scared of an afterlife and as cowards those who are scared of the afterlife.

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