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Posted by Alex on Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 4:46pm.

Icebergs can be slippery slopes for ships at sea. An iceberg can be dangerous to ships because more than 3/4 of it is under the water. Most of it isnt visible. Icebergs are found in the cold seas near the North and South Poles. The wind and currents move them through the water. As they move, icebergs often make creaking sounds. This sound has earned them the nickname of "growlers." Icebergs might be useful, too. Some scientists think these huge, freshwater chunks of ice could be towed to other places. Then the icebergs could be used to provide water to deserts.

I have to find 5 details from the paragraph that tell about the topic.

1. Icebergs can be slippery at sea
2. Most icebergs arent visible
3. Icebergs make creaking sounds
4. The sound got them the nickname
5.Icebergs could be used to provide water to deserts.

Are those details correct to use?

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