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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 9:28am.

I urgently need you to revise these sentences, please.

1) The ghost of Hamlet’s father appears in front of him and Horatio because he wants to explain how he was killed and who killed him.
2) The play ends with the deaths of Laertes , the King, Queen Gertrude and Hamlet who told (tells) Horatio that Fortinbras should be elected King.
3) Hamlet arranges for a troupe of actors to reenact the Murder of Gonzago which is really similar to the story told by the ghost.
4) The function of the play within the play is to create two different audiences, the real one and the audience made up of the actors .
5) The word “rub” is referred to an obstacle in the game of bowls which prevents the bowl to take its right course. It is compared to the obstacle that prevents men from committing suicide.

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