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developed country:

Country with a highly developed economy, with a strong service sector and often an industria base. Citizens have the highest standards of living in the world, with high levels of literacy, health services, and food supplies.

some things in here hard to understand what it really mean simply?

developing country:

country with an economy that depends mre on primary industries, where citizens have lower standard of living thatn those in developed countries

i not really understand this the primary industry part and i also get confused with economy that mean money right?


collection of statistics about people and activities

crude birth rates:

figure obtained by dividing the number of births in 1 year by the population and multiplying the result by 1000.

is that real definition for crude birth rates?

crude death rates:

figure obtained by dividing the number of deaths in 1 year by the population and multiplying the result by 1000.

natural rate of increase:

difference between number of births and the number of deaths, often given per thousand people.

doubling time:

period of years that it takes a country to double its population at its current birth rate.

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    A developed country is a rich country. People have good jobs, education, and money to buy cars, refrigerators, etc. They have good doctors and hospitals. Canada and the U.S. are developed countries.

    A developing country collects raw materials such as copper, timber (wood), and cattle. Economy means money.

    Your definition of crude birth rates is correct.

    Your other definitions are all correct.

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    thank you very much ms. sue that make perfect sense now :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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