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A 48 kg cart is moving across a frictionless floor at 3.3 m/s. A 50 kg boy, riding in the cart, jumps off the cart so that he hits the floor with zero velocity.

a.What is the velocity of the cart after the boy jumped?
b.What was the change in momentum of the boy?
c. What impulse did the boy receive?
d.What was the change in momentum of the cart?
e. What impulse did the cart receive?

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    a. Use conservation of momentum
    (48 + 50)*3.3 = 48*Vfinal
    Vfinal = 3.3*(98/48) = ___ m/s
    b. The boy loses his initial momentum. The change is -50*3.3 = - ___ kg*m/s
    c. Same answer as (b) (backwards)
    d. Sama answer as (b) (but forwards)
    e. Same answer as (b) (but forwards)

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