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math world problems.

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If the length of each side of a regular hexagon is 10 ft, the what is the distance from a vertex to the center?

Andrea and Carlos left the airport at the same time. Andrea flew at 180 mph on a course with bearing 80 degrees, and Carlos flew at 240 mph on a course with bearing 210 degrees. How far apart were they after 3 hr? Round the nearest 10th.

  • math world problems. -

    1st one:
    Too easy. Joining all vertices of a hexagon to the centre creates 6 equilateral triangles.
    So if the side of the hexagon is 10 ft, all sides must be 10 ft. so the distance to the centre is 10 ft

    you have a triangle with sides 540 and 720 with an angle of 160° between them
    let the distance between them be x
    by cosine law:
    x^2 = 540^2+720^2-2(540)(720)cos160°
    = .....
    you do the button-pushing.

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