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Posted by Mohammad on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 10:32pm.

i writing paragraph on whether the first nations within canada be granted some form of self government with the regard to their economy, education, laws, and environment? i have to give evidence to back my claims.

i not sure if this good idea because if they have self government then they do whatever they want and that not fair for others. I think they should be granted their rights and maybe special privileges because they were once long ago deprived of the land they were entitled to by canadian government, so this good compensation. all people should have same rights like everyone else and white people not doing good by discriminating first nations. They be able to have equal oppurtunities like white people in country. their living conditions need improvement and if they obtain their rights this be good. without education, the first nations not be able to find good jobs and face hostility and discrimination. self government support them in this, but i think it may give them more than what they need, so that's why i just think they have few more rights than whites in order to protect their right to maintain their different identity.

any more ideas i put in here and this need to be edited? i not sure what paragraph structure need to be separated.

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