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To Lauren/Laruen ~

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It pains me, but you have been banned for using completely unacceptable words in a very insulting post.

I'm hoping you'll learn some online manners (including not using all-caps) in a few days, and we might try again.


  • To Lauren/Laruen ~ -

    Writeacher I didn't write that. I'm a good person I don't write means things online. Ok like while I was waiting for you or other teachers to reply my post I was reading others posts and then i SAW Aimen (I think I miss spell his name srry about that) post saying something about you. Then I clicked on his name saw ss then click on it and then it read what you explain how to do research and Googled and then he post saying that he doesn't want you to answer his question then he said something really means to you. Then yesterday I saw what josh wrote which I have no idea why he wrote that. I'M BEING HONEST! Besides I was posting a curious question and then you delete and ban me for no reason!

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