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When a positive charge moves in the direction of the electric field, what happens to the electrical potential energy associated with the charge?

It increases.
It decreases.
It remains the same.
It sharply increases, and then decreases.


How is a motor's mechanical energy able to perform mechanical work?

Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.
A current is generated by a rotating loop in a magnetic field.
Electrical energy is converted into a magnetic force.
A shaft connected to the rotating coil is attached to some external device.


Which of the following statements about electromagnetic radiation is true?

It transfers energy to objects in the path of the electromagnetic waves.
It can be converted to other energy forms.
It transports the energy of electromagnetic waves.
all of the above


What daughter isotopes are produced when a neutron combines with a nucleus of 235/92 U? Assume that three neutrons are also produced in the reaction.

A. 140/56 Ba, 95/36 Kr
B. 142/56 Ba, 93/36 Kr
C. 140/56 Ba, 93/36 Kr
D. 141/56 Ba, 94/36 Kr


Which interaction of nature binds atoms and molecules by attracting unlike charges and repulsing like charges?



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