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Orthocenter Question

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Triangle ABC has vertices A(0,6), B(4,6) and C(1,3) Find the orthocenter of triangle ABC.

Please show your work so that I can understand how to do this type of problem. Thank You I really appreciate your help ^_^

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    the orthocentre is the intersection of the altutides.

    Find the equation of two of those altitudes.
    Solve the two equations to find their intersection point.

    Make a rough sketch
    Pick any point and find the slope of the opposite side.
    The slope of the altitude to that side is the negative reciprocal of the slope of that side.
    Now you have the slope and a point on that line, find the equation for the line.

    Repeat the above for a second altitude, solve the two equations.

    PS, just noticed how nice your points are. One of the lines is a horizontal line, so the altitude from (1,3) to that line is x = 1

  • Orthocenter Question -

    Ok Thank You ^_^!!!!

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