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A stone is projected upward at an angle of 60degree to the horizontal from the top of a tower of height 100meter and it hits the ground at a point. If the initial velocity of projection is 100meter. Calculate the maximum height of the stone above the ground. Calculate the time it takes to reach this height. Calculate the time of flight

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    <<If the initial velocity of projection is 100meter.>>

    "100 m" does not have the proper dimension for a velocity. Do you mean 100 m/s? If so, the vertical component of Vo is
    Vyo = Vo sin60 = 86.6 m/s

    The stone will rise an additional distance H such that
    gH = (Vyo)^2/2

    H = 383 m.Max hweight above ground will be H + 100 = 483 m.

    Time to reach max height = Vyo/g = 8.8 seconds.

    For the total time of flight, add to that the time it takes to fall 483 m.

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