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Radical expressions

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What is the process we follow when adding and subtracting radical expressions? Explain the process and demonstrate with an example.

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    I'll give you a list steps to follow:

    1. Determine the lowest common denominator (LCD) for the rational numbers.

    2. Express each rational number as an equivalent rational number with the LCD as the denominator.

    3. Combine the rational numbers by adding/subtracting numerators.

    4. Reduce to lowest terms.


    3x/4 + x/5

    The LCD for both fractions is 20. For the first fraction you times both numerator and denominator by 5 to get 15x/20. And for the second fraction, you times x and 5 by 4 to get 4x/20. Then you just add across the numerators. Which gives you 19x/20.

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    ã27 + 6ã3 - 4ã48 = 5ã9*3 + 6ã3 - 4ã16*3
    = 5 ã32*3 + 6ã3 - 4ã42 * 3
    = 5 * 3ã3 + 6ã3 - 4*4ã3
    = 15ã3 + 6ã3 - 16ã3
    = 5ã3 Someone help me understand this process please??

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