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please help...A wheel 1.0m in diameter is rotating about a fixed axis with an initial angular velocity of 2rev.s-1.the angular acceleration is 3rev.s-1.
(1)compute the angular velocity after 6s.
(2)through what angle has the wheel turned in this time interval?
(3)what is the tangenial velocity of a point on the rim of the wheel at t=6s?

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    The units of angular velocity have to be rad/s and the units of angular acceleration have to be rad/s^2.

    For (1), you can convert rev/s to rad/s, but your units of angular acceleration are entirely wrong. Time has to be to the -2 power.

    Review the problem statement and make sure you got it right.

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    im sorry that was a typing error for acceleration...i have converted rev/s to rad/s in question 1..i am not getting the correct answers ,im not sure if it is the equations i am using ,could you please help me figure these questions out..thank you

    really appreciate your help

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