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College Algebra... HELP

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Determine the domain, range, and vertical asymptote.Graph f(x)=-6-Inx

  • College Algebra... HELP -

    start with the parent graph of
    y = ln x, which you should know how to sketch

    Now graph y = -lnx, which would be a reflection in the x-axis
    now drop that graph 6 units down to get
    y = -lnx - 6

    You should be able to answer your questions from that sketch.

  • College Algebra... HELP -

    First I have to figure out the domain,rande and vertical asymptotes

  • College Algebra... HELP -

    we can take logs of only positive numbers, so

    - domain: x>0
    - range: y is any real number
    - no asymptotes

  • College Algebra... HELP -

    Thx! could u help me with graphing this

  • College Algebra... HELP -

    I described it for you in my reply above

    The other option is to calculate about 8-10 ordered pairs and determine the sketch

    e.g. (1, -6), (2, -6.7), (5, -7.6) , (.5, -5.3), (.01, -10.6) etc.

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