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Posted by amy on Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 7:54pm.

using the data in table5-1, determine how large a part of the popualtion was considered working class what proportion of liverpool's popualtion had sub-standard housing? compare the death

1845 Census
Tole population 223 054
people living in cellars 40 000
people living in crowed apartments 60 000
Members of the working class 160 000
death rate(per thousand) 35
Newborn's chances of reaching the age of five (working class 1 in 2) (upper class 4 in 5
average age at death 22
number of toilets in Irish sections 2 to 250 people

i needed help with this question this is wat i have so far
.population considered working class was 160000

i dont no how to answer the rest

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