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A diesel engine works at a high compression ratio to compress air until it reaches a temperature high enough to ignite the diesel fuel. Suppose the compression ratio (ratio of volumes) of a specific diesel engine is 19 to 1. If air enters a cylinder at 1 atm and is compressed adiabatically, the compressed air reaches a pressure of 66.0 atm. Assuming that the air enters the engine at room temperature (22.9°C) and that the air can be treated as an ideal gas, find the temperature (in K) of the compressed air.

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    P*V/T = constant according to the ideal gas law.

    You know P2/P1 and V2/V1. Compute T2/T1.

    T2/T1 = (P2/P1)*(V2/V1) = 66/19 = 3.474
    T2 = 1029 K = 756 C

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