March 25, 2017

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I need help and I'm a bit confused.

How to Submit Your Work

Regional Programs

Students first submit work to regional programs administered by affiliates of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Students and teachers can connect with their regional programs HERE. Deadlines for submitting work vary by region and generally range from December 15, 2011 through January 15, 2012.

At the regional level, students can receive Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Gold Key and American Voices & Visions Nominations recognition. Students who receive Gold Keys are automatically included in judging for national-level recognition.


To register, students must first create a profile at the website. Click here to see what information you need to register.


Once students have completed their profile (i.e. provided their contact information), they should follow instructions to upload their work online. Every category has specific requirements so please read the Category Descriptions carefully. Some regional programs require that live work (i.e. the actual piece of work) be submitted in addition to uploading work online. Students should read their region guidelines carefully before completing registration. Click here to find your region guidelines.


After all work is uploaded, students print submission forms, acquire required signatures (student, parent and teacher/administrator), prepare payment (if applicable) and mail forms to the student’s regional affiliate. Specific requirements vary by region so students should read the region guidelines carefully before completing their application. Region guidelines can be found here.

I thought like you registor online then you print out the form and then mail the form with your art work or writing (i'm submiting both). It's impossiable to put my art work in the computer and post it on the site (I'm using a canvas to sumbit it in).

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    I mean like I thought you first registor online to make your profile. Then, you find the submission form. After you fill it out and finish your work (art work and writing) you mail both to them. Then, when they announce the winner they let the school know then they send you the invitation to the what day is the ceremony. And then you won (IF) and you got a scholarship and a award and your work is publish.

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    "Students and teachers can connect with their regional programs HERE. "

    Did you connect with the regional program by clicking HERE?

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (plz help) - ,


    I'm a bit confused I read that info many times do I have to mail my work??

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    I don't know. Contact the regional program.

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (plz help) - ,

    Or I can e-mail them and ask them some questions about this because I'm a bit confused now.

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