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I'm really confused how you do this

Two unequal semicircles, a square , and a rectangle are joined. If the dimensions of the rectangle are 8in by 16in, find the are of the entire region to the nearest 10th.

theres a rectangle in the middle and semi circle on top and side

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    I sketched it the following way:
    a square joined to the width of the rectangle on the left side
    A semi-circle on top with diameter along the length of the rectangle.
    A semi-circle at the right side of the rectangle with diameter along the width of the rectangle.

    Area of square = 64
    area of rectangle = 128
    area of small sem-circle = (1/2)π(4^2) = 8π
    area of large semi-circle = (1/2)π(8^2) = 32π

    total = 64+128+8π+32π = .....

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    the answer is 192 + 40pie

    that equals 317.6 inches square

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