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The Downhill Ski club is organizing a ski trip. Group tickets for the ski trip are priced at $20 for the first 100 skiers and a discount of $5.00 per ticket for each of the skiers over 100.

a) write a formula to find the cost of x skiers.

Answer: c(x)=2000+15(x-100), if x>100

b) How many skiers need to go to bring the price per ticket to $16.00.

  • Precalculus -

    You got part (a) correct.

    For (b), solve:

    2000+15(x-100) = 16 x
    x = 2000 -1500 = 500

    400 of the 500 skiers get $15 tickets.
    Total revenue is 6000 from them and 2000 from the first 100, or $8000. That is an average of $16 each.

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