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1) An 8.5kg bowling ball dropped 11m hits the ground 1.5 seconds later. What is the magnitude of the force acting on the ball during the fall?

2) Shuttle astronauts climb at a rate of 24.5m/s^2 shortly after takeoff. What apparent weight would a 95kg astronaut have during this phase of the ascent?

3) A golf cart with driver has a mass of 320kg and accelerates at 1.4m/s^2. Assuming the force does not change, what would be the acceleration if a 70kg passenger gets on board?

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    1) The weight force, M*g
    Note: The problem asks DURING the fall

    2) (M + a)*g

    3) F = 320*3.2 = (320 + 70)*a'

    Solve for a'

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