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Posted by lamia on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 3:56pm.

1.when morgan tells clarence that he "ain't more than a paragraph," he uses a.)sarcasm b.)foreshadowing c.)burlesque
2. the Yankee finds armor a.)very comfortable b.)light and airy c.)hot, noisy, and inconvenient
3. Morgan is happy that Merlin keeps working to cure the well in the Valley of Holiness because it a.)allows time for Morgan's supplies to arrive b.)makes Morgan look patient c.)makes the cure look easy
4. Morgan decides to travel around the country disguised as "a freeman of peasant degree" a.)to escape from Sandy b.)to fool Merlin c.)to learn about the lives of the low-class citizens
5. The story of the slaves keeping warm by gathering around a woman burned as a witch a.)is an episode showing social injustice b.)advances the plot c.)shows the king's character
6. An interdict is a a.)pardon b.) censure or punishment imposed by the church c.)magic spell
7. During Morgan's tournament with Sagramor, someone shouts "Go it, slim Jim!" This phrase is an example of a.)sarcasm b.)vernacular c.)pun
8. Clarence suggests that the new republic Morgan wants to form should have a royal family made up of a.)cats .b)Arthur's descendants c.)knights
1. A
2. A
can someone check my answers

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